Mortgage Loan


Refinancing Loan is a security based lending portfolio which is offered for the customers to leverage their assets for various purposes.

Documents Required:

  •  Loan application form (link for download), duly filled and signed by the applicant (borrower)
  •  Copy of citizenship certificate and passport size photographs of the applicant, guarantor, as applicable.
  •  Net worth details of applicants and guarantor, as applicable.
  •  Document(s) of Income of the borrower, borrower’s family members and guarantor as applicable
  •  Registration documents, last 2 yrs statement of Income & Expenses and Balance Sheet of the verification business income.
  •  Copy of Lalpurja of land, land revenue paid receipt, char Killa certificate issued by local authority (issued within 6 months)
  •  Copy of Naksa pass of building issued by competent authority.
  •  Cadastral map (blue print) of land and trace sketch of the plot(s) of the land issued by competent government authority.
  •  Family details (Family tree) of three generations of the borrower and guarantor. (as applicable)
  • Copy of professional registration/qualification certificate (such as doctor, engineer, advocate, Chartered Accountant, auditor, certified practitioners etc) if the borrower is professional person.
  • Quotation of items intended to purchase or already purchased if the financing is for other movable fixed assets. In addition valuation through our approved valuator is required for such assets.


             A. For Revolving Basis

Particulars Features
Loan Amount Min Rs. 100,000 to Max Rs. 50,000,000*
Loan Tenure Max 1 year
Repayment Options Monthly/Quarterly Basis

             B. For Terminating Basis

Particulars Features
Loan Amount Min Rs. 100,000 to Max Rs. 50,000,000*
Loan Tenure Min 1 year to Max 10 years
Repayment Options Equated Monthly Installment(EMI) or Equated Quarterly Installment (EQI)

*Maximum to be governed by NRB directives/Circular issued


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